Venue Information
Holiday Inn Paris – Marne La Vallée
2 boulevard du Levant
93160, Noisy-le-grand
Paris, France.
About City
Paris, the stunning design and notorious mold sense, the wealth of Parisian culture and history is clear all over the place. Withstanding going to the meeting, we welcome you to encounter the socially rich air of Paris. The city offers guests and local people an unbelievable variety of culture, sights and novel food.
Paris referred to all through the world as the City of Lights, it is commended for its delightful city design,  engineering, authentic focuses, ranges, Churches, parks, shopping, bug markets, walkway bistros, wide and lavish streets, rich cooking, and different points of interest. 
Though in Paris there is no much more university avaliable with the Pediatric Course,so through this conference spread an awareness about that Pediatric,so in chance after this conference there may be developing of course may happen. 
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